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Represented in Ontario by Pro Aqua

  Address: 3065, Peugeot, Suite 100
Laval, QC H7L 5C4
  Phone: 514-562-4575  
  Fax: 450-934-1265  
  WWW address: www.claroglobal.com  
  E-Mail: Email pjr@claroglobal.com  
  Contacts: Peter Lipert Jr.  
  Products/Services: SCREENING: Coarse & Fine Screens, Septage Stations, Septage Billing Stations, Wash Presses;
GRIT REMOVAL: Vortex, Aerated Grit Tanks, Grit Classifiers & Washers;
ANAEROBIC DIGESTION & HEAT EXCHANGERS: Piston-Bubble Gas Mixers, Propeller Mixers, Biogas Compressors, Sludge Heat Exchangers, Heat Recovery & Cooling, Biogas Domes;
SLUDGE HANDLING: Shaftless Conveyors, Automated Solids Outloading
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: Claro Step Screens, Claro VortiClar™ Grit Vortex, Claro ModuTube™ Heat Exchangers, Claro Big Bubble™ piston-bubble gas mixers, Claro BinLoader, Grundfos Grit Pumps, Wangen Sludge Pumps  
  Keywords: fine screen, coarse screen, step screen, perforated plate screen, multiple rake screen, compactor / wash press, septage, septage receiving station, billing system, grit removal, vortex, grit tank, grit classifier, grit washer, heat exchanger, tube-in-shell heat exchanger, sludge-to-sludge heat exchanger, heat recovery, conveyors, shaftless spiral conveyor, automated outloading system, mixers, digestion, gas mixers, propeller mixers, wastewater  

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