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  Address: 4080 Dowell Drive
London ON N6L 1P9
  Phone: 519-982-5280  
  Fax: .  
  WWW address: www.corix.com  
  E-Mail: Email alex.clark@corix.com  
  Contacts: Alex Clark, Bruce James, Cal Reaume  
  Products/Services: Corix is a supplier of a wide range of PVC, HDPE, FRP, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel pipes, all styles of valves, fittings, couplings, actuation, torque tubes, extensions, fasteners, dielectric isolation kits, gaskets, link-seals, in-plant ancillary products, cathodic protection anodes and tape systems, containment liners, and geosynthetics (all types), Corix also offers fusion services for HDPE liners and pipe, pressure testing, swabbing, leak detection, commissioning of pressure pipe systems, valves and slide gates.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: Flowtite Pipe, Crispin Valve, Ross Valve, Jash Valve, Mueller, Royal Pipe, Clow, MSU, IPEX, Troy-Ontor, Straub, Uponor (KWH), Corix Water Services, Sensus Meters, TenCate Mirafi, Denso  
  Keywords: Pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE Pipe, FRP Pipe, GRP Pipe, Composite Pipe, Steel Pipe, Valves, Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Deflector Check Valve, Surge Relief Valve, Actuator, Air Valve, Air/Vacuum, Mud Valve, Slide Gate, Sluice Gate, Knife Gate Valve, Actuation, Coupling, Meter, Trenchless, Access Hatches, Torque Tubes, self-piloted water and wasterwater control valves, damper valves, in-plant ancillary products.  

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