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  Address: 83 West Drive
Brampton ON  L6T 2J6
  Phone: 905-457-6223  
  Fax: 905-457-2650  
  WWW address: www.cranepumps.com  
  E-Mail: Email sales@cranepumps.ca ; fabdulla@cranepumps.com  
  Contacts: Farhaad Abdulla  
  Products/Services: Crane Pumps & Systems (division of Crane Co.) is a Water and Wastewater pumps manufacturer.  Our product range covers different markets, including:  Municipal, Commercial, Industrial and Residential.  We have patented innovating technologies and a wide broad of pump products.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: Crane Pumps & Systems owns 6 different pump brands, including:  Barnes, Crown, Deming, Weiman, Burks & Prosser.  
  Keywords: Submersible pump, pressure sewer, grinder pump, sump pump, effluent pump, non-clog pump, split-case pump, dry-pit pump, basin, sewage pump, wastewater pump, n-suction pump, dewatering pump, self-priming pump, Barnes, Deming, Crown, Weiman, Prosser, Burks, pump  package, impeller, volute, double-suction pump, two-stage grinder, multistage pump, solid-handling pump, WAS pump, RAS pump, flush valve, control panel, simplex, duplex.  

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