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Represented in Ontario by Vacuum Trucks of Canada

  Address: 21221 Mullin Ave.
Warren MI USA 48089
  Phone: 586-755-2090  
  Fax: 586-755-2099  
  WWW address: .  
  E-Mail: Email joe@doetschenv.com  
  Contacts: Joe Schotthoefer  
  Products/Services: With over a century of sewer cleaning experience, Doetsch offers solutions for large diameter, long-reach, difficult access and impossible cleaning tasks. This is achieved through experience and by utilizing custom manufactured equipment that was designed to recycle sewer (black) water. This technology allows for work in environmentally sensitive areas as well as protecting/conserving our natural resource. This technology can also be used for maintenance of water and sewer pressure mains.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: Schott Vac Manufacturing  
  Keywords: Large diameter sewer cleaning, long reach sewer cleaning, difficult access sewer cleaning, water main cleaning, force main cleaning, blower guard  

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