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  Address: 5 Brigden Gate
Halton Hills, ON L7G 0A3
  Phone: 905-693-8595  
  Fax: 905-693-1452  
  WWW address: http://www.haywardgordon.com  
  E-Mail: Email info@haywardgordon.com  
  Contacts: Brent McConomy  
  Products/Services: Hayward Gordon CHOPX chopper pumps, XCS screw centrifugal pumps, Torus recessed impeller pumps, Hayward Gordon Vertical turbine pumps, Polymer makedown and chemical feed systems, Lobepro rotary lobe pumps. Top entering mixers for chemicals, sludge, lime, carbon. Flash mixers and flocculators. Dynamic inline mixers for chemical addition. Simplex, duplex and automatic strainers.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: Hayward Gordon, Lobepro, Hayward Strainer, Eaton Filtration, Jesco  
  Keywords: Chopper pumps Vortex pumps Recessed impeller Screw centrifugal Sludge handling pumps Sewage pumps Polymer system Chemical metering Mixers Flocculators In-line mixers Rotary lobe pumps Strainers Filters Self-cleaning strainers Scum Pumps Flash mixers Rapid Mixers Metering Pumps Digester mixing pumps  

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