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  Address: 762 Upper James St., Suite 250
Hamilton, ON L9C 3A2
  Phone: (905)777-9494  
  Fax: (905)777-8678  
  WWW address: http://www.hydrologic.ca  
  E-Mail: Email info@hydrologic.ca  
  Contacts: George S. Pastoric - President  
  Products/Services: Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves, Hydro-Pneumatic Pressure and Surge Control Systems, fine bubble disk, tube and strip diffusers, coarse bubble diffusers, fixed film bioreactors, aeration systems, mixing systems for water, wastewater, aeration basins, anoxic basins, sludge tanks, wet wells etc., lagoon aeration and mixing systems.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: VENT-O-MAT, PULSCO, Gummi-Jaeger, PHI, RELIANT  

VENT-O-MAT "Anti-Shock" and "Anti-Surge" Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves for water and sewer mains and pump stations - Best spec on the market, ISO 9001, 10 year warranty on internal components (which we continue to offer indefinitely after 19 years and running) and much more. VALUE defined.

PULSCO Hydro-Pneumatic Pressure and Surge Control Systems to protect water and sewage pumping systems - Industry-leading Tier 1 designers of acoustic wave management systems since 1922 – Both bladder and air over water systems are available, along with the new SkyPark Series advanced controls.

Gummi-Jaeger fine bubble membrane disk, tube and strip diffusers with EPDM, polyurethane or silicone membranes, plus Dual-Air to double the turndown! Also BioCube fixed film aerated reactors, for IFAS, FFBR etc., coarse bubble diffusers too.

Pulsed Hydraulics “Hydro-Pulse” Mixing Systems - quick, efficient, lowest energy mixing systems for aeration basins, anoxic basins, sludge tanks, etc., etc. Unique no in-basin moving parts design, mixing from the bottom up, so even variable depths are easily handled.

RELIANT “Lagoon Master” Water Quality Aerators for lagoon aeration and mixing - Re-active, reduce and tame sludge in lagoons with a single 5.5 hp Lagoon Master unit, which can do up to 5 acres!

RELIANT Sewper Rx™ Bio-Augmentation Product – to get plants out of trouble fast - a poly-microbial blend of facultative bacteria capable of simultaneous nitrification, denitrification, and phosphorus accumulation – sludge reductions of up to 70%

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