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  Address: 305 Armstrong Avenue, Unit 9
Georgetown ON L7G 4X6
  Phone: 905-873-7791
Toll-free 1-855-877-7791
  Fax: 905-873-6012  
  WWW address: www.sludgecontrols.com  
  E-Mail: Email markland@sludgecontrols.com  
  Contacts: Scott Langstaff  
  Products/Services: Markland Products include: Portable and Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detectors; Suspended Solids Density Meters; and, Automatic Duckbill Composite Sampling Systems. These Instruments measure, monitor and control silt, slurry and sludge levels and density in municipal/industrial plants, and automate sludge removal. They help water and wastewater treatment plants eliminate unnecessary dredging/pumping, prevent carryover, optimize concentrations, and facilitate monitoring for regulatory compliance, even up high lifts/long runs - factors which translate into decreased wear-and-tear on pumps and downtime for maintenance, reduced energy and polymer use and enhanced dewatering.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: The Sludge Gun®; The Duckbill Composite Sampler  
  Keywords: automatic desludging control, clarifier control, desludge, desludge control, DAF skimmer speed control, SBR decant valve control, blanket monitor, interface level monitor, sludge blanket interface level monitor, industrial wastewater sampler, effluent sampler, lagoon profiling, sludge blanket interface level control, sludge blanket interface level measurement, settling pond sludge level detector, primary sludge level detector, secondary sludge level detector, backwash sludge level detector, sludge concentration, slurry concentration, suspended solids concentration, sludge density, slurry density, suspended solids density, automatic water sampling, automatic wastewater sampling, sampling equipment, return-activated sludge concentration  

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