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  Address: 15700 Robins Hill Road, Unit 2
London ON N5V 0A4
  Phone: 1-877-818-3653  
  Fax: 1-519-652-6941  
  WWW address: www.vfoldinc.com  
  E-Mail: Email sales@vfoldinc.com  
  Contacts: Mark Thomas  
  Products/Services: The patented “V-Fold Belt Filter Press” is a simple and cost effective way to continuously dewater sludge and slurries. It can make wastewater solids handling and disposal significantly easier, less expensive and reduces the potential for odor and other problems. The V-Fold design makes it easy to operate, simple to maintain, and “forgiving” of process upsets, V-Fold Inc. offers the Models SS600 and Maxi-V in multiple configurations including manual and automated, installed or as a mobile system. V-Fold offers options for control and integration with a rotating drum thickener, polymer make-up systems, pumping packages, instrumentation /ancillaries.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: V-FOLD INC.  
  Keywords: Belt Filter Press, Dewatering, Wastewater Treatment, Waste, Sludge, Liquid Slurries, Slurry, Filter Cake, Waste Disposal Sewage, Septic, Winery, Metal Finishing, Tannery, Food, Municipality, Continuous Operation, Manual , Mobile Unit, Wastewater Solids Handling, Rotating Drum Thickener, Low Solids Concentration, Polymer Make Up Systems, hauling  

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