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  Address: 13-131 Whitmore Road
Woodbridge ON L4L 6E4
  Phone: 905-856-1414  
  Fax: 905-856-6401  
  WWW address: www.acgtechnology.com  
  E-Mail: Email sales@acgtechnology.com  
  Contacts: Mike Nelson, Sales Manager  
  Products/Services: ACG-Envirocan designs, manufactures and represents equipment and systems for water, wastewater and stormwater treatment, including headworks screens/ compactors, septage receiving systems, sewage/sludge grinders, grit removal systems, fine and coarse bubble aeration systems, jet aeration and mixing, mechanical presses and UV disinfection systems, tank covers, membrane filtration, MBR, MBBR and SBR systems. We service both the industrial and municipal markets. We also sell and rent area/velocity and insertion mag flow meters to municipalities, consulting engineers and flow study service providers.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: Amwell Inc., Duperon Inc., Hydreka, Enduro, Viking Chains-Enviro Group, ECS Environmental, Hydro Quip, Pureflow Filtration, Inovair, Flow-Tronic, Koch, JWC Environmental, Turblex, Aquarius Technologies, Mabarex, Andritz Separations, Hibon, Suez Water Technology, Ozonia N.A., Aqua Aerobic Systems, Custom Conveyor Corp, JPS Industries, Lakeside Equipment, KWI International Environmental Treatment, RPS Engineering.  
  Keywords: flowmeters, screens, screenings compactor, sludge dewatering, grit removal, flow control, package plants, clarifiers, chain & flight collectors, dissolved air flotation, oil water separators, industrial wastewater treatment, odour control, process water treatment, flow meters, Turbo blowers, process water pre-filtration, hatch covers and tank covers, Turbo blowers, process water pre-filtration, hatch covers, tank covers  

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