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  Address: 2851 Brighton Rd.
Oakville, ON L6H 6C9
  Phone: (905)829-0030 or 1-800-215-4469  
  Fax: (905)829-4701  
  WWW address: http://www.can-am.net  
  E-Mail: Email support@can-am.net  
  Contacts: Mark Reeves, President  
  Products/Services: Oil/water separators, level, flow, gas detection, samplers, TOC, COD, chlorine monitors, sludge monitors, BOD, oil/water monitors, alarm dialers.  
  Principals or Trade Names Represented: American Sigma, Infinitex, Arjay Engineering, Enmet, McTighe/Highland Tank, EFC, Brookfield, Hach, LAR, Barnett, ACR, HunterLab, Hach Marsh McBirney, FMI Fluid Metering Inc, MJK, Telog,  
  Keywords: Flow meters, open channel flowmeters, closed pipe flow meter, effluent water sampler, Doppler, area velocity, bubbler, submerged, ultrasonic, capacitance, differential pressure, paddle wheel, parshal flume, turbine, vortex, chromatographs, air quality, dissolved oxygen, ozone, pH, temperature, data loggers, CO and H2S gas detectors, VOC, PIDs, rental, repair, suspended solids, wetwell monitors, level monitors, portable and stationary gas detectors, gravity separators, water level indicators, oil in water monitors, viscometer, viscosity, used equipment, flow meter, flowmeter, Brookfield viscometers and rheometers, HunterLab colorimeters and spectrophotometers, Highland tank oil water separators and grease removal systems, highland tanks petroleum storage tanks, Arjay oil water monitors, Hach Marsh McBirney flo-dar, FL900 flowmeter flow meter, FH950, flo-mate, Telog wireless recorders monitors,  

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